Over the last five years, Oliver has gone from painting almost entirely in acrylics to using oil paints for most of his studio work. Oil painting has become a preferred medium to paint his portraits in. The oil paint allows Oliver to make subtle skin tone changes and gives a more classical look. 



If you would like a portrait done, Oliver needs a good photo taken of the person to copy from, a photo that has not been taken with a flash is preferable. If you don’t have any images, Oliver can come and photograph the subject with an additional cost for travel. 



Pricing starts at around £50 depending on size and amount of faces in one painting. This can be discussed via emails.



The average 18 x 14inch portrait costs around £150. Each oil painting takes around a month to paint, and is varnished, sometimes the trying time takes longer so please be aware of this. On request Oliver can paint them in acrylic therefore reducing the drying and completion time to about a week. 









Oliver also undertakes many of pet portrait jobs including dogs, cats or what ever animal you own. As before, Oliver would need a clear photograph of the pet in question or he can take a photo for you for additional costs.