Oliver is a professional artist with vast experience of painting live at different 

events over the last 15 years. He paints from his imagination and takes inspiration 

from the atmosphere that is created during the event. On your special day, 

Oliver can paint during the wedding ceremony or during ,wedding reception,

afternoon or evening. It’s completely up to you. 


The price quoted is tailored to each wedding, depending on size of the painting and 

distance travelled. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your wedding plans 

and budget to chat through a customised package. The average price for Oliver 

to travel to your wedding and paint a 36 x 24 inch canvas starts at £250. 


Oliver will supply all equipment needed, and will normally arrive an hour before 

the time he is due to paint, to set up wherever is appropriate. Painting is then 

completed between 45 minutes to 1 hour, but also this changes to due size of canvas. 

Oliver paints with acrylics which means the painting is ready for you to take home on 

the day. Many people choose to have the painting displayed somewhere for their guests 

to see and enjoy during the day. However, if you prefer your painting can be arranged 

to be sent to you after your special day for the cost of the postage.

Examples of paintings done during a Wedding are here on the right hand side.


“Oliver did a fantastic job at our wedding. His prophetic painting gace such an 

elegant touch to our special day.  The painting sits proudly in our living room, and 

any guests we have, always comment on the beauty and the uniqueness of the

painting. It’s always a pleasure to tell them the story, and the prophecy behind the

painting. Thanks Oliver”  


Bucan (actor on TV and Theatre)



“It was so fantasic to have Oliver Painitng as we married. Incredible to have

such a beautiful, inspiring picture to always remind us of our special day.”


Mathew (Commercial airline Pilot) 



“Having Oliver paint for our wedding was an honour and brought a spiritual, 

creative dynamic that uplifed the service.  The end result captured what we felt God’s

heart over us was for our marriage and continues to speak to us three years on”


Samatha (CEO of Client Focused Pilates)




“Oliver painted live at our wedding, his artwork is one of the most treasured items we

have on display from our day. I could not recommend Oliver high enough; 

humbe man who brought a new level of depth to our wedding ceremony. 

His artwork is not simply stunning but divinely inspired. Thank you”


Kelly (Manager at Searchlight theater company)